A long family history

Our story begins in 1967, when the paths of Guido e Giovanna cross in an ice cream lab in Mainz, Germany. After five years among laboratories and kitchens in Teutonic land the newlyweds settle in Italy. Here Guido helps his parents Giuseppe and Amelia in the osteria di Brische di Meduna di Livenza, the dishes are simple, those of the farm tradition, but with great attention to the raw materials coming from the vegetable gardens, the courtyards and the vineyards of the surrounding countryside of Treviso.

Guido wants to make different experiences in other kitchens: for some years he works in different kitchens, but he really wants to open a restaurant on his own. In 1978 in Annone Veneto the adventure begins. Guido and Giovanna thanks to many sacrifices can eventually open their restaurant “da Guido”. Here fish rules the roost. After few months the restaurant becomes a reference point in the area. In these years many travels to the East inspire Giovanna and Guido and back when no-one would have expected it they propose dishes with raw and cooked fish influenced by Asian cooking. It was a constant growth, both human and professional, until the end of 1990 when the family decides to move closer to the sea. Ristorante da Guido, Jesolo, 1st March 1991, a dream for Guido, interested in botany. The restaurant is in fact surrounded by a big garden, where he spends the majority of his little free time. Giovanna and Guido, together with their children Andrea and Silvia, give birth to the restaurant that very quickly stands out for quality, accuracy and substance. In 1995 Andrea tiptoes to the Dining room and then settles there, feeling at ease, but always keeping the kitchen under control: the training is completed! In the course of time the restaurant has morphologically evolved, increasing the room and decreasing the covers, more and more nearing to essential forms. In 2003 the Garden turns into a restaurant deep in the green.

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