The master of the house welcomes you-

Here fish has been sacrosanct for over thirty years. It arrives every morning from Caorle and from the Croatian coast and
with vehemence it takes its place. It beats the rhythm. It’s on the basis of its freshness and entirety that we organize
our work, our menu, the combinations and the very rhythm that livens up all the venue.
We are its subordinates. Fish, the real master of the house. approfondisci enter

The greatest quality at really small prices-

We can do that thanks to our over-thirty-year experience on the fish market (and on the one of high quality meat)
which allows us to select “the best at the smallest price”. We can do that because we are “one family”.
We can do that because we want it: we want to make real excellence approachable to most people, to share it together.
For this reason we can propose a fish lunch at only 27 Euros, with first course, second course and a dessert;
a fish dinner at 37 Euros with a first course, 5 steamed variations of fish and shell fish and a dessert;
7 variations of raw fish and shell fish, a fish second course and a dessert: so, a great fish dinner at 54 Euros.
For this reason our fish tasting menu is at 63 Euros, with 6 rich courses…
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As little as possible-

Our idea of cooking is based on the respect of raw material. And respect imposes to work it as little as possible,
with mastery and love. approfondisci read more

Just as fish, so meat-

Also in this case: only the best in terms of freshness, healthiness, taste, goodness. Our meat comes
from one of the best Italian experts of the sector, Franco Cazzamali. approfondisci read more

We rigorously play at home-

Pasta, ravioli, purée, gnocchi made in the traditional way, rigorously “at home” with capable hands. enhance. approfondisci read more

Simple elegance-

We take care of the details: the refined table-cloths, the wine glasses, Murano glasses,
without any ostentation, only to make you feel at home; a well-finished home;
bright and welcoming.

The art of drinking-

Wine, passion and joy. Our cellar guards a reasoned selection of wines.
'Reasoned' means that it was thought to satisfy the right balance in terms of quality/price,
but 'reasoned' also in connection with its healthiness, vineyard processing and cellar.
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Light. Naturally-

A lunch in a sunny day in Jesolo Paese: graceful happiness, goodness, naturalness, beauty.

All the taste, simply-

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Enthusiastic people, a close-knit team… a mix of youth and experience.