Ristorante Da Guido


Raw mixed of fish and shellfish 28

Fresch Caviar  38

Boiled Spider Crab  25

Prawns with fennel, orange and pommegranade  16

Boiled Mantis shrimps  18

Russian salad with Shi Drum and cappers 17

Grilled Scallops from Caorle 18

Scallops with mushroooms, polenta and black truffel  18

Sardines fillets in saor sauce (typical sauce of Veneto with bittersweet onions) with polenta 12

Marined Anchovies with Sushi rise 12

Raw beef with Giardiniera and butter  15

Raw ham Culatello from Norcia 15


First courses

Gnocchetti with Scampi and Radicchio 18

Spaghetti Homemade with Caviar ans challot  35

Ravioli with See Bass and bottarga  18

Tagliolini with Lobster ragù  28

Paccheri with Tuna ragù   16

Risotto with saffron and Raw Prawns for two  32

Fish soup  18

Aubergines of parmigiana style  16

Gnocchetti with fresh tomato and basil  10

Ravioli with Veal and Black Truffle  18



Second courses

Grilled Eel with vegetables  27 

Grilled Sea bass filet with mushrooms  30

Grilled Scampi with radicchio  32

Grilled Small Squid with tomato and polenta  27

Grilled Tuna with aubergines and onions   30

Mixed fried fish and vegetables 24

Veal chop "alla milanese" with french fries  25

Lambs chops grilled with vegetables 25

Filet of beef grilled with vegetables 26


Service and cover 3


Tasting menu

Composition of raw fish and shellfish

Scallops with polenta, mushromms and black truffle

Gnocchettti with Scampi and radicchio

Grilled Amberjack with tomato

Chocolade and rum icecream


For the whole table, for person 72



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